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How much does it cost to rent a Southern Charm Storks & More stork sign?

Similar to the cost of flowers with a much more memorable impact! Great photo ops too! 

The cost for a pink or blue Stork sign rental is $85.00 for a 7 day rental.

Twin Storks are $130.00 for a 7 day rental.

Triplet Storks are $160.00 for a 7 day rental. (Subject to sign availability)

Baby shower or Gender Reveal Storks are $65 with a generic bundle ("It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl!") or you may upgrade to a Personalized Keepsake Bundle for an additional $15. The rental period is one day for parties or events. 


Personalized keepsake bundles, personalized sibling stars and/or personalized dog bones or cat signs will be left at the front door for the family to keep following the rental period when the Stork yard sign is picked up.

Due to the fact that the signs are handmade and custom, same day/rush deliveries are an additional $25 fee.

How long is the rental period for stork yard signs?

The rental time frame is 7 days following delivery to your location. Gender reveal or baby shower storks are for one day during your party or event. We strive to deliver your Stork sign within 24 to 48 hours of placing an order, before the new family returns home from the hospital. This cannot be guaranteed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances but we will try our best!

What sign rentals do you offer for proud Grandparents?

A Stork yard sign to announce a new grand baby is a sweet way to share your happy news! The rental price of stork for grandparents $65 for a 7 day rental to include a standard non-personalized generic bundle. 


The following are standard non-personalized generic bundle options available and will be removed with Stork at the end of the rental period:

  • “It’s A Grandson!”

  • “It’s A Granddaughter!”

  • “Proud Grandparents Live Here!”

If the grandparents would prefer a custom personalized bundle to keep at the end of the rental period the charge is $20 additional or a total of $85.00 for a 7 day rental.

Some examples of custom personalized bundle options include the following:

  • Proud Grandparents of Carson live here!

  • Proud Grandparents of McKenna + babies birthdate

Please specify information for a personalized bundle when ordering.

How do I order a Southern Charm Stork lawn sign?

You can fill out an order request online! Just click on the "Order online!" tab and click on the photo of the sign you would like to request. Or call us right after the baby is born so we can get the necessary information to complete your personalized keepsake bundle such as baby's name, weight, length, and birthday. The custom bundle cannot be made until payment in full is received. We will email you an invoice after we confirm your sign choice is available. We strive to deliver the Stork yard sign before the Mom and baby come home from the hospital when possible but this cannot be guaranteed.

Need a Cupcake or Flamingo sign to celebrate your occasion? Just order online or call us and we will set up a delivery date and get the needed information for your personalized keepsake!

May I include siblings or pet signs?

Of course! Sibling stars, dog bones, or cat signs are ordered at the same time as the stork sign, cupcake sign, or flamingo sign. The price is $20 and are kept as a personalized keepsake! Siblings love to see their name on a sign as well as the baby's. Pets are people too! Order more than one sibling or pet sign and the price will be discounted to $15 for each additional sign. Three or more signs are only an additional $12 each.


Some examples for both sibling stars and dog signs:

  • Jacob/Jasmine is a Proud BIG brother/sister!

  • Matthew/Chelsea is a promoted to BIG brother/sister!

  • Buster welcomes Baby Elizabeth!

  • Whiskers welcomes Baby Jack!

May I rent a sign for a baby shower or gender reveal?

Sure you can! We offer stork signs for baby showers, pregnancy announcements, and gender reveal celebrations. We can display the signs indoors or outdoors depending on your needs. Personalized keepsake bundles or non-personalized general bundles are available.


Baby Shower Stork signs are your choice of a pink stork sign, a blue stork sign, or a gender neutral pink and blue stork sign (subject to availability), and includes a personalized keepsake bundle or a general bundle for a 1 day rental. Stork signs make a perfect photo opportunity for guests and the personalized keepsake bundle can be a keepsake for each guest to sign! The rental price is $65 for a 1 day rental with a generic (It's a Girl! or It's a Boy!) that will be removed with the stork after the event. If you prefer to upgrade to a custom Keepsake Bundle as a gift, it is an additional $15.

What is the cost to deliver a Southern Charm Storks & More sign?

We proudly deliver yard sign announcements to Cherokee County, Georgia area as well as the surrounding areas of Canton, Hickory Flat, Ball Ground, Woodstock, Holly Springs, Roswell, Milton and Alpharetta Georgia areas. If you don't see your area just give us the address to see if we can deliver! Deliveries within 20 miles of our office are free. Deliveries that are 21-30 miles from our office are an additional $10 fee. We use Google maps to determine delivery distance. Due to the fact that the signs are handmade and custom, same day/rush deliveries are an additional $25 fee.

Where will the yard sign announcement be placed at my home?

We choose the best location possible for visibility, as well as for the best photo ops. That said, sometimes there are issues such as utility boxes, extra hard ground, automatic lawn sprinkler systems, tree roots or landscaping that will dictate placement. In those situations, we will use our best judgment as to location. If there is a specific location you’d like for the sign to be placed, please let us know when you order and we will do our very best to place it there. We cannot guarantee exact placement of the sign to your specifications if you are not home when we deliver the sign or you have not obviously marked the location in the yard with a tangible marker. We avoid placing under trees when possible as bird droppings can damage our yard announcement signs.


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot place a sign in front of public utility boxes, water mains or any other structure owned by the city or state. We cannot impede access to these areas or we could be fined by the city or county.

Can I move a sign or add things to it, like balloons?

Please do not move or remove the stork rental or the cupcake sign! If you need the sign to be removed, please call us at 678-577-0916 and arrangements will be made to get the sign taken care of as soon as possible.


Use caution when mowing, weed eating or any lawn maintenance as any contact with the sign could cause damage. Please avoid these activities near the sign during the rental period.


Do not attach anything to the sign, including balloons. In the event a balloon would pop while attached to the sign, the latex may melt to the sign in sunny conditions causing permanent damage.


If you notice any damage to the sign, please notify us at 678-577-0916 immediately.


The signs are not designed for climbing children and we are not responsible or liable for any injury involving the sign while on the renter's property. 


Upon ordering a Stork lawn sign rental or a Cupcake or Flamingo lawn sign rental from Southern Charm Storks & More, the homeowner accepts responsibility for the sign while on renter's property.


We truly appreciate your cooperation! 

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